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  • Features:
    - 600mAH battery that can last 8-10 hours on a full charge
    - No transmission interference up to speeds of 80-100km/h
    - Able to simultaneously pair with 2 different Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
    - High-fidelity Bluetooth transmission of music and voice calls
    - Automatic reminders that your battery is low and needs recharging over the Bluetooth headset
    - Bluetooth version 4.1
    - Bluetooth Communication Distance : 10 meters
    - Fuction : Peripherals audio interface , FM Radio , Voice Command , Music Switching , Wire connection with 2 way Radio.
    M3 can be connected to two Bluetooth devices (two mobile phones or a mobile phone + 1 Bluetooth adapter), do not have the front and rear seats talkback function, the phone can be manually answered only , it is actually a basic version for riding.

    -高达80-100 km / h的速度时无传输干扰
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