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Android 10 is officially released. What are the highlights?

Views:  Date:9/30/2019 2:51:48 PM

On September 3, 2019, Google released the official version of Android 10 and first launched it for Pixel devices. In addition, Google promises that the new version will be used on other Android phones in the coming weeks.

From the official introduction, this release of Android 10 has brought a number of highlights / new functions. The selection part of Leifeng is as follows:

Real time subtitle

By using automatic speech recognition technology, Google can add real-time subtitles to almost all audio on the device, even if the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi network or in flight mode. However, this feature is not yet online.

Intelligent Answer Function

Google's smart reply function can now run on all communication applications and is built into Android 10's notification function. With machine learning technology embedded in mobile devices, Google can help predict users'next actions. For example, if a friend sends a notification with an address, a Google smart response can be displayed directly in Google Map.

Audio amplifier

With this function, users can not only amplify the audio volume, but also filter the background noise.

Gesture navigation

According to Google officials, this feature allows users to operate the interface faster: move back and forth to open the home screen, and slide up to see the open application.

Dark mode

If the user is in battery protection mode, the phone will automatically darken to save power. Not only that, users can also apply this black theme in Google Calendar and photo applications. In addition, e-mail Gmail will also be supported in the future.

Strengthen the Management of Family Personnel Use

Users can manage the use of family devices through the "home link" function in Android 10 operating system, including helping guide children to learn, play and explore online; setting screen time limits; viewing application activities, managing application and content restrictions; viewing location, etc.

Focus mode

The new Focus Mode feature is also part of the Digital Health Tool, where users can choose distracted applications (e-mail, news, etc.) that can be paused with just a few clicks. At present, this mode is in the testing stage.

Privacy update

According to Google, the Android 10 operating system has nearly 50 new built-in privacy and security features.

For example, users can get their location data when using the application, but when the user does not use the software, the user receives a reminder when the application is accessing the user's location. Moreover, if the user is not satisfied with the position of the application at any time, he can stop sharing the location until he uses the application again.

In addition, Google says that the Google Play software store can now send important security and privacy patches just like the application itself, and users do not need to wait for the full version of the operating system to receive such patches.

Not only that, but Google also added a privacy area under the settings to control users'network and application activities, as well as advertising settings.

Multitask Foldability

Google is trying to take the lead in this area because foldable phones are not yet the mainstream of smartphones. Google says that users will be able to open two applications at the same time, one for message applications on the screen and the other for video applications on the screen.

Interestingly, this is the first time that Google has named a non-dessert system. Until then, Google has been keen on naming cotton candy, Olio, lollipops and so on.