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Apple new Mac Pro will be manufactured in Texas, USA

Views:  Date:9/30/2019 3:01:18 PM

As part of its commitment to us economic growth, apple confirmed Monday that the newly designed MacPro will be produced in the state. The new MacPro will be released on WWDC in June this year and will soon be in mass production. The factory in Austen has been a MacPro foundry since 2013.

The new MacPro will include components designed, developed and manufactured by more than a dozen American companies. Arizona, Texas, Texas, Texas, Oregon, Texas, Texas and Vermont manufacturers and suppliers, including Intersil and A Morimi semiconductor, are providing advanced technology. The cost of components made in the U.S. in the new MacPro is 2.5 times that of the previous MacPro.

Apple CEOTim Cook said:

MacPro is the most powerful computer in Apple's history, and we are proud to be able to produce it. We thank the government authorities for their support for this opportunity.

We believe in the power of innovation in the United States. That's why all Apple products are designed in the United States. MacPro components come from 36 states, providing 450,000 jobs for U.S. suppliers, and we will continue to grow here.

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